About us

sosdienestsOur mission is to help people. We come to help if you are unable to open the door of your home due to lost or stolen keys, or if the lock is broken. We can open doors and locks of any security levels. Our company is one of the most experienced in this field. During our 15 years of activity we have opened thousands of doors, which is much more than any lock picker in the world. After opening, if necessary, we can change locks or restore metallic doors.

Our companies cares for the safety of your home. We are selling and installing metal doors for 13 years. We have gained wide recognition and praise from our clients. Our work makes our client's homes safer since we have excellent knowledge of door and lock constructions, and we know what is required to protect your home from burglars. We are working to ensure that our clients are satisfied, and would recommend us to their family and friends. You can trust us with the safety of your home.


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