Metal door restoration

metal door restorationOften homeowners choose not to purchase new metal doors but to restore the existing ones. Our company performs this service within a day, thus reducing the inconvenience to a minimum – the amount of time you will need to spend with an unlocked house or flat door. The door is dismantled in the morning and taken to our workshop, where we take off the old locks and install new ones with a higher level of protection. If necessary, we also change heat insulation. For heat insulation we use a type of mineral wool, which is safe for human health. If a door has a monolith construction, we will perform special cuts to remove existing locks and t install new ones. All cut areas are treated, and both sides of the door are covered by a new decorative film. Doors will gain a complete overhaul and a new level of safety - the only thing unchanged will be the noise and heat insulation! We return and install the door in the evening. However, if you need to choose between restoring old doors and buying new, we advise to buy new doors, since restoration of doors does not solve the noise and heat insulation problems. Our range of metal doors is available here.