Apartment and entrance SKYDAS metal doors

metal door skydasskydas door logoSince 2004 company SKYDAS is an official representative of Lithuanian company UAB ''Plieninis Skydas'' in Latvia. Skydas metal doors are installed in many thousands of flats and houses. Our doors perform several functions. They are safe against lock picking, which is proven by a certificate issued in Germany. According to certification, SKYDAS metal doors are grouped in four classes: from Skydas Standart to Skydas Premium. SKYDAS also offers bulletproof metal doors. We have installed several bulletproof doors in various foreign embassies in Latvia. Our doors have high level of noise and heat insulation, which is also proven by the certificate. Thermographic inspections of houses shows that, usually, Skydas doors are the part of the house which looses the least amount of heat. The visual appearance of a door is essentially important as well. We offer doors with decorative wood finish, which allows the doors to fit well with various exterior and interior designs. Quality metal doors are a good investment, since with time they hardly lose value.

  • SKYDAS STANDART apartment doors

    Price from 641EUR

  • SKYDAS STANDART2 apartment doors

    Price from 996EUR

  • SKYDAS STANDART3 apartment doors

    Price from 1137EUR

  • SKYDAS PREMIUM apartment doors

    Price from 2157EUR

  • SKYDAS STRANDART entrance doors

    Price form 794EUR

  • SKYDAS STANDART2 entrance doors

    Price from 1254EUR

  • SKYDAS STANDART3 entrance doors

    Price from 1432EUR

  • SKYDAS PREMIUM entrance doors

    Price from 2722EUR

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